Kick-off meeting

The beginning of 2023 has been marked by the kick-off meeting of OPTHYCS, held on the 12th of January. 

The goal of “Optic Fibre-based hydrogen leak control systems” is to develop new sensor technologies for continuous leak detectors based on optical fibre sensors technologies which will lead to anticipate eventual hydrogen applications risks. Thanks to this, it will be possible to ensure maximum uptake of H2, from production to storage and distribution, both in new infrastructure, working with pure H2, and in repurposed natural gas plants and pipelines. Moreover, the project will contribute to a safe and financially feasible implementation of H2 production, transmission, and storage. 

The Project is funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and is being carried out by seven partners: Enagas – which will also coordinate the project -, Aragon Hydrogen Foundation, Febus, GRTGaz, GERG, Lumiker and Tecnalia. 

During the kick-off meeting, Partners laid out the activities and objectives of their Work Packages. 

Green2tso-Opthycs aims to develop a new sensor technology that will lead to an increase in the safety level of h2 applications, as well as minimize potential h2 releases to limit the climate impact of h2 uptake.

We wish to all the Participants good luck for this promising project!

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