work packages

OPTHYCS is developed on 5 Work Packages (WPs)

WP1 a definition of the Requirements for H2 detecting limits, quantification and safety operation withing handling H2 leakages to achieve the target objectives of the project is carried out. 

The goals of WP1 are to :

Leader: ENAGAS

WP2 carries out the definition of a feasibility study of the sensoring solutions, followed by the analysis of different coatings and the development and manufacture of H2 Leak Detection Sensors. 

The goals of WP2 are to :

Leader: Lumiker

WP3 focuses on the develop and manufacture the Interrogators (Optical Circuit and Electronic Hardware) to process the data from the sensors as well as the development of a new software able to manage all data provide by the different interrogators and merge them in an integrated interface. 

The goals of WP3 are to :

Leader: FEBUS Optics

WP4 encompasses the planning and execution of the demonstration and validation of the different sensors and interrogator. This WP includes preliminarily the development of fibre with the best validated coating from WP2 to analyse integration of the FBG and DAS interrogator datasets for each use case and the subsequent verification and validation of leak detection systems at lab level and afterwards for the different use cases in the corresponding validation sites, at the GRTGAZ, FHa and Enagas premises. As a result, it develops an environmental risks assessment, evaluate the potential safety risks, mitigation measures and best practises. It also evaluates the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solutions, its replicability and the requirements for Standardisation, Regulation and Certification. 

The goals of WP4 are to :

Leader: GRTGAZ

WP5 ensures D&C of the project results, including the development and implementation of an exploitation strategy and business models for OPTHYCS’s technologies. It also develop sclustering activities with key stakeholders in across the whole value chain to stablish a solid network as well as include engagement actions with the AB. 

The goals of WP5 are to :

Leader: GERG